The Long Bridge SwimCycle Hard for Education - CHaFE 150

USS Team Swimmers

All USS swimmers will have the opportunity to participate in team scoring by indicating their team affiliation on their entry form. Swimmers affiliated with a team and finishing in the top 250 places (placement based on ALL swimmers in the Long bridge swim not just team affiliated swimmers) will score points for their team in a descending points scale.


1st place: 250 points, 2nd place: 249 points, etc. with 250th place: 1 point.

No points will be awarded for places occupied by non-team affiliated swimmers. Total points will be added up for each participating team to determine overall team placement. Example: Team A has four swimmers registered who place 8th, 100th, 210th and 300th overall. Points are awarded as follows: 8th (243 pts), 100th (151 pts), 210 (41 pts), 300th (0 pts). Team A is awarded 435 pts.

Be sure to indicate your USS team on your Long Bridge Swim registration.